I'm a 32 year old photographer & web developer from Hampshire, England. From over 10 years enjoyment behind a camera & well over 300,000 photos, this is a collection of my favourite photographs. I hope you enjoy my portfolio.

It's a pleasure to say that I’ve know the owner of DZE for some years and even more so that in that time I've witnessed his work go from g... Read morereat to epic. Great scenic images that not just capture the moment but tell little stories along the way. Don't second guess your choice and make DZE your choice as the team to capture your next event !

Les Sims   ·   May 2018   ·   Automotive Photography

Daze, you've completely blown me away with the photos! I can't stop going through them, they all make me smile so much!... You really did ca... Read morepture the day and there was no better alternative to you doing this. I'm a bit lost for words and I don't really know how to explain to you how perfect I think they are. You can seriously produce some incredible work and you exceeded all of my expectations, from being there the day before to get a feel for the place, to being there on the morning and contributing to help out and keep me calm, spending the whole day there and not missing a single moment! This is how wedding photography should be, when the days over, all you have are memories, and when they start to fade, you have pictures to remind you - these pictures will let me relive that day any time i wish and I didn't realise how important that was until now. You're our friend too, but I don't think anything would have been any different if you were a stranger but I love that you were there to share it with us. Thank you so much for making our day!

Gabbie Law   ·   September 2017   ·   Wedding Photography

Talented with great vision awesome angles and awesome pictures

Jay Radcliffe (Voice FM)   ·   May 2018   ·   Event Photography